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WEVE2050 is a circular-economy designer brand based in London. We are committed to inviting the public to sustainable living through accessories, workshops, pop-up stores and exhibitions from three dimensions: self, lifestyle and the world.

WEVE means we have. It's not only about the resources that we have taken from the earth but also about the power we have as individuals.

We want to share a slow lifestyle that redefines sustainability in three concentric circles. The inner circle is the individual's inner self/mindset, the middle one is the lifestyle, and the outside one is sustainable development goals.

It will integral to support bigger goals only when you have lived a sustainable life already. Similarly, it's easier to live a sustainable lifestyle if you take care of yourself well.


What do we do?

We are passionate about raising customers' awareness of the environment and empowering them to live a sustainable lifestyle easily and proudly by wearing our sustainable but elegant accessories.

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wefold bag-folded.png


The green-product-award-2022 winner product We-fold shopping bag it's a vegan-leather tote bag with folding structures that remind users to go shopping consciously.

Bottle Chest Pin2.jpg


In terms of jewellery, the iconic piece is made from plastic bottles, which are named Re-gem. At first glance at the re-gem jewellery, you may think they are oysters from the sea or gemstones from nature, but the fact is that they are plastic bottles that pollute the sea.

Besides, we also redefine the gemstone by using vegan-bio pearls, dried plants, natural crystals and customer's items instead.

Bottle Ring.jpg
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Apart from the accessories, we have 20 workshops to offer clients a deeper experience of living slowly. Workshops are held in our monthly pop-up store in Central London. By joining the workshops, users can learn a new craft and experience the making process of a product, which helps them to get a deeper understanding of product manufacturing and be more consciously when consuming.

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