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Tue, 09 Aug



Ore & Fluid Painting/矿石&流体画

A journey of healing that unites body and mind. You will paint a painting full of your own energy, about the way fluid painting is created. 一场结合身心灵的疗愈之旅。你将绘制一幅充满自己能量的画作,关于流体画的创作方式。

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Ore & Fluid Painting/矿石&流体画
Ore & Fluid Painting/矿石&流体画

Time & Location

09 Aug 2022, 18:00 – 19:30

London, 55A Dean St, London W1D 6AG, UK

About the event

Students need to bring their own crystal or ore. They can bring the crystal ore they want to touch. If they don't have it, they can also come to the site to choose and buy it.

For THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ON SITE TO BUY ORE, WE WILL PERSONALLY INTERPRET THE MESSAGE THE ORE IS TRYING TO SEND YOU AFTER CLASS.  A painting full of its own energy, about the way fluid painting is made,

And some knowledge of crystals, ex: How to work with crystals and how to invite crystals to assist you in your daily life.

You want to keep your energetic paintings forever. Painting is like another way to keep a diary. Looking at the paintings reminds you of your emotional feelings,

To preserve the emotion of the moment, and the crystal is a product of nature, and I hope that in the course, we will be able to connect not only to ourselves, but also to the land.

Fluid painting is a kind of self-healing, in addition to the ability to discuss their emotions before painting, better understand themselves, after painting,

You can also get a steady improvement in your mood, and you can also understand that life doesn't have to be a solo fight, and you have a lot of abundant resources at your fingertips to enhance your life.

The teacher Sarah

When I FIRST CAME TO England, I ALSO USED FLUID PAINTING, MEDITATION TO heal myself, AND chatting with others to heal myself and each other.  I have studied HITa healing and have been exposed to many other healing that I am interested in.  I have a podcast about body and mind with a friend for over a year.

The teacher YL

Life Coach, advocate of body and mind, has studied Hita healing, various Reiki.  I have never been confident, unable to find the purpose of life, to believe in myself, see the intrinsic value, firmly to the dream forward.  I hope that through my life experience, I can lead people to re-understand themselves in the most simple and effortless way.


 现场选购矿石的学生,在课后我们将会亲自解读矿石想给你的讯息。一幅充满自己能量的画作,关于流体画的创作方式, 以及一些水晶的知识,ex:在日常生活中如何与水晶合作、如何邀请水晶协助自己。 自己充满能量的画作会想永久保存,画画其实就像另一种写日记的方式,看到画作可以想起当时的情绪感受, 将当下的情绪保存,而水晶是大自然的产物,我希望在课程中,让我们除了与自己连结,也跟这片土地有所连结。 流体画算是一种自我疗愈的方式,除了在画前能够探讨自己的情绪,更了解自己,在画完后, 情绪上也能够得到稳定的提升,也能了解人生无需单打独斗,身边拥有着很多随手可得的丰盛资源提升人生色彩。 




人生教練 life coach,身心靈提倡者,曾學習希塔療癒、各種不同靈氣。我從不自信、找不到人生目標,到相信自己、看見內在價值、堅定的往夢想前進。希望透過我的人生經歷,帶領人們用最簡單、最毫不費力的方法去重新認識自己。

About refund or rescheduling.

If there are less than 4 people registered for each workshop, the official staff will contact the client 3 days in advance for a full refund or free rescheduling.

If you are unable to participate in the workshop for personal reasons, please email for rescheduling to another workshop in 7 days from the workshop date that you missed.

If customers need to return tickets for personal reasons, 7 days in advance for a full refund, 3 days in advance for a half refund, 3 days before the start of the event will not be refunded, thank you for your understanding.









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