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Sat, 06 Aug



The Occult Tarot Astrology Primer/了解神秘学 塔罗占星入门

Pass on the mysterious power of the West to bring you to appreciate the magic and charm of tarot and astrology . 传递西方神秘力量 带大家领略塔罗和占星的神奇与魅力

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The Occult Tarot Astrology Primer/了解神秘学 塔罗占星入门
The Occult Tarot Astrology Primer/了解神秘学 塔罗占星入门

Time & Location

06 Aug 2022, 16:00 – 17:30 BST

London, 55A Dean St, London W1D 6AG, UK


About the event

Tarot, which originated centuries ago, quickly spread across Europe.  A veil of mysticism lingers gently.  Astrology has a much longer history and has been studied in both China and the West.  Man has never ceased to explore the world, nature and himself.  Body, mind, no one is a long journey.  Let's follow Lily, a teacher with many years of experience in tarot astrology, and embark on a journey between the past and the future.  We can't choose when we were born, but we can choose how we live.  With the help of mysticism, you can constantly modify yourself according to your own preferences, and finally live as you like.

Only when people encounter difficulties and setbacks will they seek the help of the mysterious power. People's troubles are infinite, so the demand for the mystic is always sustainable.

Lead everyone to uncover the veil of occultism, experience the magic of tarot and astrology, while helping everyone to sort out their emotions, but also bring healing to everyone.

Gain knowledge about astrology and tarot and learn more about your destiny.  Also understand that tarot and astrology are tools, not absolute destiny.  If you count good, accept it.  Count bad, believe it or not believe it or not.

Teacher of this Workshop: Lily Yang

Four-year Taro Learning Road:

In 2018, I learned the first stage of Waite Tarot cards with Teacher Liu Di and began to practice consulting.  In 2019, I enrolled in the Tarot Promotion class of London College of Astrology to further study the application of tarot cards.  In 2021, I will get to know Mr. Dorkin in Bilibili and continue to learn the multi-lingual use of tarot cards

During the four years of learning tarot, I have practiced numerous cards, including the current situation and development of love, friendship, family, study and career;  Choices and solutions.

Analyze the trend of things for you in an objective way, and the suggestions to deal with them will help you clear your head, but also hope to give you healing and strength to move forward

Three years of classical astrology study:

In 2019 began to listen to the friend recommended in Himalayas cun-jie zhang (Steven) teacher astrological course, then 2020 registration system partial Greek classical astrology this life course system learning basic knowledge of astrology In the process of learning many times to participate in after-school practical solutions Interact with the teacher classmates plate And your offline free offer training.  Then in 2021, I will sign up for the course of ancient Greek classical astrology to learn fleeting time

So far, we have systematically accumulated experience of looking at hundreds of astrolabes. The functions of astrolabes cover the following areas:

This destiny: to understand their own essence and heart, and their reconciliation to find salvation and way to push: to see the ups and downs of life fortune

Finally: Tarot and astrology are tools that can give you advice and information as part of your consideration for making decisions, but they are not a substitute for your personal free will. They are more like a way to identify yourself, tease out the causes, developments, and lessons you can learn.

Or a word of letter there is no letter is not good not to believe it is good after all, my life by me not god

起源于若干世纪以前的塔罗, 曾迅速在欧洲大面积传播. 一层神秘学的面纱在轻轻的萦绕着. 占星学拥有更长久的历史, 中西方都不约而同的有着深远研究. 人类从未停止对世界、自然和自我的探索.身体、心灵,无一是一趟悠远的旅程. 一起来跟随有多年塔罗占星经验的Lily老师, 展开穿梭过去和未来的旅程. 我们无法选择自己的出生时间,但我们可以选择如何活着. 在神秘学的辅助下,按照自己的喜好不断修正自己,最终活成自己喜欢的模样.

人只有在遇到困难,挫折的时候才会寻求神秘力量的帮助,人的烦恼是无限的 于是对神秘学的需求也是一直可持续的。



本次Workshop老师:Lily Yang


2018年与刘迪老师学习初阶韦特塔罗牌 之后便开始实战咨询.之后2019年报名并参加了伦敦占星学院的塔罗提升班深造研究塔罗牌的应用. 在2021年在哔哩哔哩结识多金老师 继续学习塔罗牌的多元话运用

学习塔罗牌的这4年内实战无数 其中涵盖 (爱情 友情 亲情 学业 事业 )的现状与发展 ; 抉择与解决方法.

以客观的方式 为测算的您分析事情的走向,以及处理的建议 在帮助您理清头绪的同时 也希望能够给予您 治愈和向前走得到力量


2019年经朋友推荐在喜马拉雅上开始听张存杰(Steven)老师的占星课程,随即2020年报名系统学习偏古希腊古典占星本命课程 系统学习占星基础知识 在学习的过程中多次参与课后实战解盘 与老师同学互动解盘 以及自己线下无偿解盘训练 .随即在2021年报名偏古希腊古典占星推运课程 学习流年推运

目前为止已系统积累了看上百张星盘的经验 星盘的功能涵盖范围:

本命:了解自己的本质与内心,与自己和解 找到救应与出路   推运: 看人生运势的起伏

最后:塔罗与占星只是工具,可以给予您建议与讯息作为您下决策的考量的一部分,但它不能代替您的个人自由意志力, 它更像是帮您认清自己,梳理一件事情的成因,发展以及您能学到的教训.

还是一句话 信则有 不信则无 算的不好 不信就好了 毕竟我命由我不由天

About refund or rescheduling.

If there are less than 4 people registered for each workshop, the official staff will contact the client 3 days in advance for a full refund or free rescheduling.

If you are unable to participate in the workshop for personal reasons, please email for rescheduling to another workshop in 7 days from the workshop date that you missed.

If customers need to return tickets for personal reasons, 7 days in advance for a full refund, 3 days in advance for a half refund, 3 days before the start of the event will not be refunded, thank you for your understanding.









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