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Sustainable China

As part of the London Design Festival 2022, Sustainability China is an exhibition produced by WEVE2050 focusing on sustainable stories in China by Chinese  designers.

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Sustainable China will take place on 19–25 September 2022.

55a Dean Street



LDF 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20 anniversary of the London Design Festival. WEVE2050 is one of the Signed Parents.

We are telling China's sustainable story

About Location

55a Dean Street



About Us

​We are a diverse curatorial team from biology, computer science, product design, architecture, Illustration, interior design, documentary

Open Call

Call For Works*

We are looking for talented Chinese Sustainable Designers and Brands to take part in LDF22  China Sustainable Exhibition. *

Call For Researcher

If you are a researcher in the fields of sustainability, biology, environment, energy, etc., your research/work will also have the opportunity to be presented as part of the London Design Festival 20th Anniversary Sustainable China.


Your work will be featured at the London Design Festival

London Design Festival's official social media account will post this exhibition

You will have the opportunity to participate in LDF Sustainable offline event

Your work will be marked iconic red logo of London Design Festival

Your work will be presented by more than a dozen Chinese and overseas media


1. Integrated curatorial services
3. Interviews and Podcasts

* Sustainable projects by Chinese designers (including overseas Chinese), or sustainable design projects that apply and take place in the Chinese social environment. Original works, no copyright disputes.

**The category of works is not limited, materials, products, architecture, clothing, jewellery, digital, graphics, artworks, etc.

Other cooperation:


Sustainable China

​Part of London Design Festival

Present By WEVE2050

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