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When to demagnetize your crystal

1. Purify your crystal before use: Since crystal has the function of energy storage, in order to clean up the memory and energy of the former user or the memory absorbed after a period of wearing,

You can format the crystal by purifying it, i.e. degaussing it.



2. Being touched by someone you don't like: You must treat the crystal as a personal item. It should not be easily touched by other people; if it is touched by others, its magnetic field will be messed up. Try not to be touched by people you don't like or you need to demagnetize it after that.



3. When your wish comes true: Make a wish on the crystal and once you think the wish has come true, you can demagnetize it again and make a new wish. If your wish does not come true, you can make a new wish as long as it is demagnetized.



4. After exposure to sewage after a funeral: Demagnetize after encountering sewage, or entering and leaving funeral homes, funerals and other places like these! You can also demagnetize after going to the hospital. If some people are more sensitive and you enter a space feeling weird, you can demagnetize it when you come back, which will make you feel more at ease.


The Method of Crystal Demagnetization

sun (1).png

1. Sunlight Method: Expose the crystal to sunlight by the window or balcony lasting 30mins-60mins.

Suitable for high temperature resistant crystals such as Black Sheen Obsidian and Clear Quartz. This method is not suitable for colored gemstones such as Pink Quartz, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz, which may cause fading.




2. Moonlight Method: Expose the crystal to sunlight by the window or balcony stand for a night (the best time is the full moon night-15th of every month in the lunar calendar)

The crystals that can increase popularity are more suitable for moonlight irradiation, such as Moonstone, Labradorite




3. Salt Method: Make brine with sea salt or kosher salt in a ratio of 1:10 and soak for 24 hours (table salt is not allowed)

This method can not only demagnetize, but also purify and clean the crystal. It is not suitable for Selenite and ANY crystal jewelry with metal accessories.




4. Rinsing Method: Rinse the crystal under running water for ten minutes, and wait for air dry.

The most convenient method




5. Cluster Charging Method: If you get a geode, crystal cluster or salt lamp at home, put your crystal on it and wait for 24 hours to "charge"

The cluster need to be clean regularly




6. Sage Smoking Method: Light the sage, blow out the flame, put the crystal in the smoke。 Watch the crystal become brighter. Usually it will take 15-20 seconds.

The fastest method



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