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Design in London

"WEVE2050" is a blend of 'We have 2050' and 'We still have a future,' encapsulating our unwavering commitment to drive change toward a sustainable lifestyle. This brand name is not merely a label but a resounding call to action to shape a brighter future.

In the world of WEVE2050, 'WE' symbolizes unity and the strength of collective effort, bridging the connections between individuals and fostering a sense of interconnectedness between humanity and our planet. 'VE' underscores the importance of being present and mindful, urging us to cherish the here and now. Finally, '2050' stands as a beacon of hope and a representation of our aspirations for the future.

WEVE2050 is actively working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through eco-conscious design. A sustainable, interconnected, and hopeful world, together with "WEVE2050".






In the heart of London, WEVE2050 emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation in the world of fashion. Rooted in the principles of sustainability. It's a movement towards a more responsible and eco-conscious future.

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Our Vision

Every WEVE2050 product embodies the essence of the SDGs, inviting you, our valued customers, to explore the interconnected challenges facing individuals, communities, and the planet. We don't just design and produce clothing; we craft stories that resonate with our values.

Environmental Responsibility
Quality and Community

Quality is the cornerstone of our products. We offer long-term warranties because we believe in the durability and craftsmanship of our items. But WEVE2050 is more than just fashion; it's a community. We are dedicated to building a solid and sustainable community with you, our customers, through our shared commitment to quality and responsible living.


Our journey towards sustainability is unwavering. We relentlessly explore cutting-edge, environmentally friendly materials and processes to minimize our environmental footprint. We follow the 3R production principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. With this commitment, we aim to unlock sustainable products that harmoniously coexist with nature, reducing waste and conserving resources.

Join the WEVE2050 Movement

When you choose WEVE2050, you're not just buying clothing; you're joining a movement that reshapes the fashion industry's role in creating a better world. Together, we wear our values proudly, making a statement that fashion can be a powerful force for good.

WEVE2050 is here to inspire and lead, proving that style and sustainability can walk hand in hand. With every purchase, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're making a statement about the world you want to see. Be part of this remarkable journey. WEVE2050 is more than fashion; it's a commitment to a brighter, sustainable, and stylish future for all.

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As the Founder of WEVE2050, I bring an award-winning design sensibility, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to sustainability. My aim is to reshape the fashion industry towards a more eco-conscious future.

Having graduated with a first-class BA in Product Design from Central Saint Martins, I discovered my passion for functional accessory design, grounded in creative thinking and a human-centric approach. My unwavering belief in the transformative power of design to create positive change led me to establish WEVE2050, a sustainable fashion brand based in London, immediately after completing my degree.

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Our team

Our team embodies curiosity, creativity, and a fervent dedication to sustainability. Curiosity fuels our innovative spirit, driving us to constantly seek new solutions and question the status quo. We harness our creativity to craft unique, sustainable solutions that stand out in the industry. Innovation is not just a buzzword; it's our way of life.


Above all, our shared passion for sustainability is the beating heart of our team, leading us to incorporate eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our work. Together, we are a united force, committed to making a tangible impact and creating a more sustainable and innovative future.

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Our Collaborators

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Where to Find Us

+44 7379 403955

38 Neal Street

London, UK WC2H 9PS

Mon - Sun: 11am - 8pm

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